Specialist dental practice in dental prosthetics “D-r Andreevski”

Service Overview

General dentistry
and Endodontics


- Root canal treatment
- Tooth with(one, two, three, four) root canal
- Abscess draining per session
- Tooth-coloured filling
- Tooth-coloured filling of the toothneck
- Fiberglass post & core

Dental prosthetics


- Full Porcelain inlay
- Gradia inlay
- Full porcelain crown or bridge
- Porcelan covered crown or bridge
- Zirconium crown or bridge
- Porcelain veneer
- Removable plastic, metal-plastic and flexible denture
- Precision attachment metal denture (CE-KA, bredent attachments)
- Overdenture (on implant bar retention)
- Temporary removable denture
- Long and short term temporary crown

Oral surgery


- Tooth extraction
- Apicoectomy (root-end resection)
- Wisdom tooth extraction
- Abscess draining per session
- Sinus Lift
- Root resection (front or molar)

Laser treatments


- Low level laser therapy
- Oral ulcer
- Gingival inflammation
- Gum Disease Periodontal disease

Aesthetic and Preventive


- Oral examination, preparation of treatment plan
- Dental Hygiene Treatment 30 min
- Dental Hygiene Treatment 45 min
- Professional tooth cleaning (plaque removal, intraoral power jet, polishing)
- Professional teeth whitening in the office (for 1 our)
- Professional teeth whitening at home (for 7 days)
- Night guard

Treatment Bruxism


- Protective speeping gum
- Correction of bite



- Fixed prostheses for the treatment of curved teeth
- Consulting with a specialist in orthodontics



- Dental implants
- Consulting with a specialist in implantology

X-Ray diagnostics